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Medical Linguistics Consulting provides editorial and lexicographic support for writers, editors, and publishers. Your article, book, style manual (in-house or trade), or dictionary is evaluated not just from the perspective of correctness but also from the perspective of appropriateness—to your goals and audience. Contact if you need any of the services designated below. All inquiries are treated in strictest confidence. Your name and other personal or institutional information will not be divulged to other individuals or organizations.

Editing documents for grammatical accuracy and for appropriateness to targeted audience and purpose. This includes editing in accordance with specific stylistic conventions that you must follow (AMA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
  Evaluating style manuals and textbooks. If needed, enhancements will be recommended that make the work appropriate for this era of English as the global language of modern medicine, and that respect all social sensitivies: gender, nationality, role (e.g. patient), etc.
  Reviewing and evaluating dictionaries for stylistic and social appropriateness, clarity of definitions, and communicative integrity of the front matter (especially Guide to the Dictionary).
  Writing articles on language and usage. If you’re editor of a language-related journal, magazine, or newsletter, Janet will write an instructive article for your publication. For examples of what she’s written for others, see Publications.
  Fees: Hourly, per page, or per project, depending on the assignment and deadline. Query for estimate.